Making the most of your holidays

The holiday seasons are one of the most anticipated seasons in everyone's life. I always look forward to them because sometimes I just need a break between breaks, if you know what I mean.

In essence, they are necessary for not only the kids but virtually everyone.     

It's the Christmas season right now and yet another opportunity for us to have a brief resting period from a long and stressful year. It's a time to evaluate our lives and make decisions based on how far we have come and where we are yet to reach while still appreciating the fact that we made it to the end of the year. It also presents us with the privilege of reuniting with family members and friends who we haven't seen all year and who have come back to celebrate the season with us.   

I just can't fathom why you would want to waste such precious time to reconnect and reunite with family while creating such happy memories doing nothing. In my opinion every holiday should be enjoyed for what it is: a holiday, which is basically a period of relaxing, letting go of all your worries and creating exciting memories.    

 In this post, I will be sharing ways you can have the most beautiful holiday ever.   

Starting with something I love so much:

Self care

Although this is not exclusive to the holiday season and it should be administered anytime and anywhere, the length of the attention span given towards self care is heightened during the holidays. Your attitude during the period should be steering off bad talk, bad influence, bad news, negativity and violence. And if at all some knuckle head brings negativity around you, this should be your response all the time: "ain't got no time for this darling!" Letting yourself be affected by negativity is not worth it, trust me. You should learn to prioritise your mental health.   

The holiday period can also be a time to declutter your space and revel in the peace and freedom you'll experience after you've gotten rid of those old and torn shoes you've been keeping all around the house! Understand that the main reason for a holiday is to take that time off to rest, travel, take care of yourself, be with your loved ones or take on leisure activities that we love.      

These self care tips are low budget, this means you can do them by yourselves without having to spend so much.

  • Taking a long shower where hidden areas are concentrated on. Adding Epsom salt, mineral oils to make a bubble bath would help you relax better.
  • Give yourself quality spa time, using your favourite face mask, cleanser and moisturizer. Shaving, cutting your nails, styling your hair, generally adding details to your hygiene would leave you feeling awesome.



For some people, you can't use the word "holiday" without mentioning "vacation". It's more like a culture for them. A good vacation can get you daydreaming about all the good experiences you had while still making you anticipate further adventures. Most times those experiences help reduce stress levels, build stronger bonds between friends and family not forgetting to include a stint of relaxation. So don't hesitate to hop on that vacation wagon when next it comes by.    

Throw a party, get together or sleepovers

While we tend to associate the holidays with a lot of outdoor activities, there's a chance that you probably aren't an outdoor person and just love your space. This tip is for you. Throwing a party doesn't mean you have to bring the roof down; inviting a couple of friends for a bottle of champagne and light music would do the magic. And, if you can't have friends and family over, especially during this pandemic, it's no problem at all! You can definitely enjoy the holiday on your terms. Surprise yourself by exploring fun activities you can do by yourself, or better still, you can throw a party online with your friends. Nobody has to define what makes your holiday fun.

 Go on a shopping spree

 It's only natural to want to make yourself happy by getting those things you really wanted over time. The holiday season presents that opportunity to go out with your friends and get those clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, furniture, you name it. You should keep in mind that you don't exceed your limit so you don't run into debt!


 For me, volunteering is like giving back to the society and "society" comes down to every individual I come across. Volunteering, here, involves serving and contributing towards helping those people that imparted one way or the other in building our lives, businesses and the community-at-large up. you could volunteer in cleaning up the city, visiting nursing homes, giving out clothes, foods, drinks to those who need them and visiting the senior citizens around your vicinity.      

Enjoy nature

Nature is practically at everyone's doorstep. The moment you step out, nature is encountered. You don't have to do too much to enjoy it. Going for a walk, jog, hike or a picnic. You can also visit a nature reserve in your state or anywhere close by.  

Improve on your vocabulary and language skills

If you've always felt inclined to learning or improving on your language skills as well as your vocabulary, that's totally awesome. I say go for it! It's something I engage in as well. Here are some platforms I use to improve my language skills and vocabulary. You can check them out as well: 




Geocaching (click here to learn more)

This is something I discovered recently and I love it. Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, whereby a GPS(Global Positioning System) receiver or mobile phone and other navigational techniques to hide containers "caches", at different locations marked by coordinates. These catches would be sought after as well.

It's like playing treasure hunt. 

However, here in Nigeria it might not be as enjoyed as it should be in a more developed society. Nevertheless, it's something that can still be done if planned properly.    

Dare yourself

This is presumably something you don't do often but it is considerably important. It helps you let go of old habits, helps with decision-making and makes you more extemporaneous.  

In summary, you don't have to follow routines during the holiday season, you just have to be yourself, have fun and most importantly rest. How do you know you've had a wonderful holiday? It's often by coming back refreshed, energized and happy.

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Fun Facts:

🐐A goat called William Windsor served as a Lance Corporal in the British Army.     

πŸ–Š️When offered to write with a new pen 97% of people write their own name.   

😭Tears contain a natural painkiller (endorphin), which reduces pain and improves your mood. Sometimes crying is a good remedy to feeling better.  

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