Mindful Eating

Do you know that Fruits & Vegetables are less nutritious than they used to be... Oh yes, that's right! Definitely a topic for another day.
Let's focus on what we have here👇
Mindful eating is the act of incorporating a sense of awareness when eating. This awareness includes our emotions and physical sensations. It places emphasis on the process of eating rather than size of the food. I would say that mindful eating is eating without distraction.

Mindful eating is eating with intention while paying attention.
                                -Kati Konersman RD, CDE

Why is mindful eating important:

ᕗIt helps us build a relationship with the food we eat and our body.
ᕗIt reduces over eating.
ᕗIt aids digestion.
ᕗIt helps control food intake.
ᕗIt reduces stress.

How does mindful eating improve healthy lifestyle?

Being mindful of what we eat helps us understand how our body react to the food we eat, especially when it comes to food size. It brings the awareness of accepting food satisfaction therefore reducing overeating. This helps control weight gain to a very large extent. As we learn to understand our body, we start to rid ourselves of unhealthy eating habits. Of course, when we develop this habits in one aspect(food), it disseminates to other aspects of our lifestyle in no time.

Mindful eating and food BINGING

Binging is the act of excessively indulging in eating. Sometimes, this could be a result of hormonal irregularities, psychology, social pressure or trauma.
Individuals who normally binge eat become overweight or obese, which often results in medical complications, it can also result in low energy, sleepiness, and sluggishness. This is where mindfulness comes in. Having that awareness eliminates binging for whatsoever reason. It has been a good treatment for binge eating and it works amazingly with wonderful results.

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