Diet soda versus Regular soda

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This post was birthed from an argument I recently had with a friend and this argument was basically about which is better: diet soda or regular soda.

First and foremost, it's important to understand that not everything you see on the pack of a commercial product is true. That beverage advertised as 100% natural probably has a lot more synthetic ingredients in it than you can imagine!

It's not immediately evident, therefore, what food item is nutritious and healthy for the body and what is not. Sometimes, it is even harder to find out if a food item is truly healthy or not—this is probably why some of us don't even bother reading the nutritional label on the product.

A lot of times people want easy to follow dietary advices that suit their lifestyles and satisfy their sweet tooth (more sweetened products and less natural food please!)

𝕯𝖎𝖊𝖙 𝕾𝖔𝖉𝖆

A lot of individuals choose diet soda simply because they want to enjoy a sweet and fizzy drink without consuming huge counts of calories or probably to escape a large dose of sugar build up in their systems.

Diet soda is just like the regular soda but has no sugar, instead the sugary-like taste is achieved with artificial sweeteners.

Manufacturers claim that diet soda is a healthier option, especially  for those who want to lose weight. 

Research however suggests that this claim might be wrong as there are many speculations of it's after-effects.

Over time, whatever calories people think they are cutting off with artificial sweeteners might just be returning to them in the form of poorly metabolized sugars from other foods. 

The body reacts to artificial sweeteners in an unusual way. When consumed, the brain is activated to send signals for enzymes responsible for the break down of sugar; but then there's nothing to break down because there's actually no sugar. Thus, deceiving the brain, taste buds and attacking the teeth.      One notable thing artificial sweeteners do is make you crave more.

So believe it or not, diet soda has zero nutritional value!

𝕽𝖊𝖌𝖚𝖑𝖆𝖗 𝕾𝖔𝖉𝖆

This is generally a mixture of carbonated water, sweeteners(sugar), some contain natural flavours and caffeine. Taken in large amounts, sugar-sweetened beverages such as regular sodas can have various adverse effects on your health. 

This ranges from high chances of tooth decay to metabolic disorders and heart diseases.

Both sodas contains caffeine which is also found in coffee beans, teas and kola nut. It is a natural stimulant which helps you feel energized and active. Although, caffeine is a natural products, it is infused with other chemically processed products during manufacturing. This makes it less of a healthy choice for consumption.

A lot more number of people are suffering from diet related diseases these days. There's high increase rate in obesity and diabetes as well. It is no news that highly processed drinks are less healthy. 

There is absolutely nothing in regular or diet soda that your body needs (except maybe, the sweet chill you experience with every gulp. . .), but seriously, you should cut down on sodas.

Even though most potential side effects show up after a long period of time for both diet and regular soda; it is requisite to say that we all can avoid the long term effects of these drinks by replacing them with more natural fruit juices or water.

Fun fact:
✿North Korea and Cuba are the only places in the world you cannot legally purchase Coca-Cola.

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  1. Great! Now what am I supposed to take when I crave soda😭😭

    1. You can slowly replace soda with chilled water or natural fruit juices. Although, this takes a lot of determination. I believe you can do it 👌

  2. Also, you haven't written about love miss😤

  3. Sincerely, breaking an addiction to soda can be one herculian thing to do. I used to be an addict, thankfully, I'm getting over it.

    1. Truly, breaking an addiction can be a hard task to take on. You can start with baby steps. Slowly replace your favourite soda drink with water and thank me later.

    2. I have been one month sober, I'm so happy 🙏, although I'm not totally getting rid of soda consumption. Just stretching it out as much as I can.

    3. Wow, that's a good one!
      Keep up the good work.

  4. I've always been confused about the whole diet soda and normal soda, I always wondered what made the difference.
    I almost became slightly addicted to taking soda at some point in my life but i fought and I conquered 😆

    1. This was my story as well some time ago, especially after a long day. I would swiftly get a can of soda and gulp it down.
      When I realized how much I was filling my system with junk, I had to reprimand myself.

  5. So I’ve been deceiving myself 🥲