Best way to kick-start your day

First and foremost, I would love to apologize for the long break since my last post, 
I'm all for quality, so I had to change blogging platforms because y'all deserve the best.

Now, to the business of today.
I've heard this a million times that the best way to kick-start your day is by starting it the day before. . .
I know that's not your regular thesis, but I've practiced it for a while and it works for me.
It' might also probably be a cultured habit for a whole lot of you as well.

If you create an act, you create a habit. If you create a habit, you create a character. If you create a character, you create a destiny.

Andre Maurois

This quote above is the summary of it all. 

Creating a good bedtime routine

Creating a good bedtime routine doesn't mean ending your day thinking about everything that went wrong.

No, far from it. It entails creating the habit of gratitude; being grateful and highlighting your accomplishments for the day, while also taking note of areas where improvement should be seen.

You can spend some 10-15 minutes before you go to bed just appreciating all the things that went right for you during the day, all the tasks you were able to complete, all the times you smiled or laughed at something no matter how small; you know, all the good stuff. And then you can think about the parts of your day you didn't like and what you can do to make sure they're less likely to repeat themselves the next day. Do this and watch how fulfilling and productive your days will become.


Music is one important aspect of my life. It's a good form of relaxation for my mind, body and soul. Personally, I know that it helps one to focus as well as help people that suffer from insomnia relax better.

It is also believed that music helps the body produce "dopamine" which is a feel good chemical found in the brain.
Music can also be a form of therapy for depression and anxiety. It's common knowledge that good music generally improves your mood.

So listen to music okay?

Read a book

I think this is going to be a bit awkward for some people because the reading culture is diminishing quite quickly.
It is important to know that reading a book doesn't necessarily mean reading something hard to assimilate. You could read books on attitude, emotional intelligence and biographies of your favourite celebrities.

A light read of a chapter will go a long way to give your mind something to reflect on for the whole day. Most of all, it helps you align more with what you really want to do in your chosen career field.

Refresh and stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is very important, it's like the bodies flush system.
Adequate intake of water into the body helps speed up the process by which the body removes toxins. It also help boost metabolic processes in the body.

Evaluation: write out things you hope to archive

I would liken this to when we go shopping; normally, if you go shopping with only a memorised shopping list, you'll probably end up forgetting one or two items but when you write down the list of things you plan to buy, you're less likely to leave out any item.

The same goes for writing down your goals; there's a consciousness of an achievement and once that consciousness is there, there's a huge tendency that each task will be carried out evenly.

Tidy up, organize and clean up your space

No matter how small your space is, organising and cleaning up helps lighten your mood. Sometimes, when I want to get my thoughts together, I completely rearrange my bedroom! And guys, trust me it works like magic.

Don't feel like rearranging your space? It's all good. You can sort through your wardrobe and tidy it up. Fold, straighten, try on some of your clothes! You could mop the floors, get rid of cobwebs or dust the appliances. You can look through those mysterious assortment of stuff you never use but are still cluttered in the store(or under your bed:)).

You can tend to your garden if you have one. Or deal with the weeds in your backyard. The point is to get yourself busy cleaning up your surroundings, and when you are done it will feel as if you were cleaning up the worries in your head the whole time!

Finally, I can't imagine ending this without mentioning my favourite... food of course.

Food: plan your menu ahead.

One thing I try to do every day is to take out a minute to prepare my food menu for the next day. Sometimes, I decide that I want to eat a lot of eggs the next day and so I write down what my meals should look like with the eggs but still making sure that I don't end up eating too much of the same thing the entire day.

This not only helps you achieve a balanced diet but also helps you avoid scenerios like this:
Me: so what am I going to eat today?

Also me: urgh I don't know!

Also, also me: hmpf, I guess I'll just have some cereal now and cake in the evening. Sounds like a plan yeah!!

This way, you end up not having to question yourself on why/how you let yourself go.

Another advantage of this is the fact that it give you a reasonable level of control over your days.
Having more control over one aspect of your day allows you to happen to your day, rather than your day happening to you.

Who knows?? 
You just might stumble on air and fall face first into your soulmate tomorrow, just because you planned it into your day. Winks.

Fun facts:
☞ Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of long words.

☞ In the Simpsons every character has four fingers except Jesus and God which have five.

☞ Armadillos are the only living mammals that have shells.

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