Does the end justify the means?

I'm so sorry I tried to make this post as interesting as I could and I nailed it πŸ˜‰.

Does the end justify the means?

Most times, when this phrase is mentioned; the only bell it rings screams negativity.

A perfect illustration to best explain my opinion on this topic is a story that was told to me some years back. 

So a woman who is heavily pregnant and due for delivery goes to the hospital. She is admitted and ready to give birth. In the process of delivery she loses a lot of blood and is advised to have a blood transfusion to save her life. Her husband bluntly refuses, claiming his religious views do not support blood transfusion, being a “witness”.

Doctors and nurses staring in utmost disbelief wondering why and how he would choose his religious beliefs over his wife's life. He states point blank that if he served the true God, his wife will pull through and come out alive— at that point all I could think of was his wife being a specimen of his test of faith. 

All the counsel given to him falls on deaf ears; his family members that weren't part of the church also tries to reason with him as they didn't want to lose their daughter just because of a belief system he holds dearly. He wanted none of it, claiming that the doctors were discouraging him and making him lose his faith in God.

He stood his ground, knowing fully well that time wasn't on her side and she was fading slowly, he insisted, and not long after, she checked out of this world. The wailing that followed was so surreal, everybody was confused as to whom to blame for it.

Hearing the story, I could hear her subtle whispers of “please save me” πŸ₯Ί in my head.

Now, this story speaks volumes because it justifies a good means that was simply ignored because someone felt that life could be tweaked. Now don't get me wrong I believe in miracles as well but then when you have an opportunity to prevent a portent event and you wait out on “God” to come do everything, at that point it makes absolutely no sense.

Okay lemme drift a bit from this perspective, maybe it comes from a commiserating point of view. 

Welcome to our SOCIETY where the craze for money has taken over and a lot of people are willing to do just anything to get the bars. Now the people are not only fighting just to survive at this point but to show off, to feel among, to be worthy among family and friends and gain positions. 

Craze for money

Messy situations where by our politicians cart away millions of stolen funds to pursue their political ambition, with promises that when they eventually win they would make the society better. We know they won't, it is of course the usual propaganda.

This has created an imbalance in the society because everyone that is successful and young is labelled a fraudster or a pornstar and the old ones are still actively searching for more. No wonder, one of my faves Burna boy had to state the obvious in his song “Dangote still dey find money”.

The possibility to rise above average is very low because the primary resource needed isn't available or just limited to those who are already wealthy and that can be very frustrating as I know a lot of you can tell. So naturally, frustration turns to anger, anger to helplessness, helplessness to desperation. At this point, a person could do literally anything to get that elusive success; I'd like to point out that this “success” could be many other things other than money too! Like a promotion, or that cake you've been craving for a whileπŸ˜….

To be fair, a desperate person usually gets results, they might not be long lasting or foolproof, or even worthwhile but results nonetheless. The question though is this:

Is someone who has gone through “morally accepted” routes to get similar results any different from the one who sneaked through the “dark forest” to get his prize from you-know-who?

If they both get the bag at the end, can we really judge the means taken? I mean, they *both* got the bag right??

Well not really. You see, there's a prize for a lot of things, if not everything, and sometimes, Lord Voldemort's prize might just be a bit worse than having to sacrifice sleep to master that difficult spell, if ya get what I mean😏.

So before you make some decisions, think:

Is it really worth it?

Fun facts:

◍ Pigs don't sweat; swine are born without sweat glands, so when they need to cool off, their only option tends to be to find a cool puddle of mud in which they can roll around.

◍ Spider webs were used as bandages in ancient times; in ancient Greece and Rome, doctors used spider webs to make bandages for their patients. Spider webs supposedly have natural antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, which can help keep wounds clean and prevent infection. 

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  1. Wooooowwwwwwwww. This is by far the most amazing read this week. I think a lot of people need to hear this truth.

    Fun facts always kill it.

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate your masked presence.

  2. Beautiful piece πŸ‘Œ