The impact of nutrition on behavior

Behaviour is the way in which one acts or conducts one's self, especially towards others.

  Thus, characterizing how we behave into this formula below: Inherited temperament + childhood training + parental love + life experiences + habits + education + self discipline + motivation + mental attitude and health = your behaviour.

One most neglected part of behaviour is...    


Do you know that nutrition can impact everything from a child's growth to their mood, behavior and learning capabilities.
Research suggests that nutritional deficiencies early in life can affect the cognitive development over time.

The brain has varying needs when it comes to nutritional exigency. That is why it is highly recommended that we eat healthy and balanced meals containing fatty-acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which nourishes the brain and protect it from built up stress.   

Does nutrition affect behavior?
Of Course nutrition has a great impact on behavior. I believe nutrition and behavior work together. 
By making better food choices, you might be able to control compulsive eating behaviors and weight gain. You might also experience feelings of calmness, high energy levels, or alertness from the foods you eat. What we eat affects our entire mood for a period of time.

Over time, food therapists have advised that it is important to replace unhealthy food choices with healthier ones, drink water, eat more proteins and most importantly plan our meals. 
Parents are also advised not to develop a habit of feeding kids with candies all the time.

Negative effects of nutrition on behavior
Bad nutrition can be detrimental to one's behavior and lifestyle. That's why I highly recommend we adhere strictly to natural ingredients and foods. If at all we must include snacks or junk foods, we must do it wisely and not rely on it as the main meal, if not it should be scarped out of our meal plan totally.
Bad nutrition has both long and short term effect.

Short term effects of bad nutrition on behavior:
*Decrease in energy level
**Loss of concentration and focus
*Apparent weight loss/gain 

Long term effects of bad nutrition on behavior:
**Tooth decay
**Type-2 diabetes
*High blood pressure
**High cholesterol level

Building a healthy nutritious lifestyle is not just based off mere decisions, we have to be diligent enough to see results both on short and long term. 

There's no change without a sacrifice.    -Gloria Allred. 

When a person dies, there are 7 minutes of brain activity left. It's the mind playing back the person's memory in a dream sequence.

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