Understanding and defining your body


When we talk about "understanding" and "defining" our body, it is basically learning how our body works. As human beings, we are all unique in virtually everything including our metabolic activities, cells, tissue growth and shapes. 

Understanding and defining your body

These below are fundamental things we need to know about our body. 

-Certain health conditions can influence metabolic rate, cell growth and tissue repair. 
-Protein boosts one's metabolic rate, cell growth and tissue repair. 
-Men tend to have a higher metabolic rate, therefore, they need some classes of food in more portions.

Remember: your body isn't a trash bag and shouldn't be treated as one. Food hygiene is very essential.

Once we study our body to know how it works in these aspects, it'll be so easy to know what the body require to attain a definite body goal.

We should note that in some individuals, the body sometimes do not accept certain foods , of course this is exclusive to each individual. Most times, the body do not accept certain things due to sensitivity to food additives, histamine activities, absence of enzymes needed to act on a food e.t.c.

When these reaction occur with the body, it causes pain, itching or elevation (swelling) in areas of the body like the tongue, lip, face and throat. The primary way to manage this is to avoid consuming foods that react with our body.

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  1. Nice write up but I think you should list different foods and how it boost the body function for us to know the type that might be good for our individual body types..