Simple nutrition tweaks

Hey Royals!

Do you think living your best life in a healthy way is exasperating?
Then you have to cogitate again because what you might call a "healthy lifestyle"...may actually be poor choices both on food, diet and work out generally.

Pitchers make adjustments, and it's up to the hitters to readjust and sort of tweak what they do.
                                                    Joe Torre

In today's post, I'll be sharing elementary food tweaks that we can subsume into our daily lives.

-Water therapy: this involves drinking water as soon as we wake up in the morning. It's the best way to start your day as it helps prevent constipation and headache. It is also the best way to eliminate toxins from our colon.

-measuring our food: this helps to ensure that we are getting enough nutrient for proper body functionality. It also makes it easier to recognize right-sized portions when eating out.

-swapping fruits for fries: our preference of food is cumulative. We tend to choose fries because it's readily available; that doesn't mean it's the best option. Natural fruits are the best because our body can easily synthesise it.

-say no to soda: we should note that soda is tasty but not healthy especially when consumed occasionally. It has no nutritive value as it's filled with sugar and calories. It damages the teeth, weaken the bones and cause harm to vital organs over time.

-eat healthy first meals: breakfast kick-starts our metabolism, it helps us burn calories throughout the day. Studies have linked eating breakfast to good health, including better memory and high concentration level.

- learning a new recipe: learning is a process that improves when there's commitment and interest. When we learn a recipe, it widens our scope and expands our knowledge on dieting.

-taking random walks: these and more are the benefits...
✿ maintain and even lose weight,
✿ strengthen the muscles,
✿ reducing chronic diseases,
✿ decreases stress, and
✿ improve your mood.

- meditation: this is a practice that trains the mind or self-induces a mode of consciousness in order to realise some benefits which includes:-
✿ controling anxiety,
✿ promoting emotional health,
✿ enhancing self-awareness,
✿ lengthening lifespan,
✿ may reduce age-related memory loss,
✿ can generate kindness, and
✿ may help fight addictions.

Incorporating these tweaks into our daily lives and seecsee it change for good.

Fun facts: 
✧ A parasite exists that destroys the tongue of a fish and replaces its tongue with its own body.
✧ Dead women can give birth-  it's very rare, but it has been known to happen. It's called "Coffin Birth," it's a phenomenon that occurs when a pregnant woman delivers a child spontaneously after her death.
✧ Microscopic mites live on your face.

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  1. 1. U spoke about measuring foods to get enough nutrient, does that mean that when we don't measure food we won't get enough nutrient,?

    2. U said we should say no to soda which means we should stop taking it. Does that means that those that produce it don't know about the harm it causes, or is it that they don't add any nutrient to it. If so, the government should ban the produce and consumption of soda drinks. I need a clarification on these questions

  2. Thanks for such amazing question.
    Firstly, we measure our food so that we get adequate nutrients the body requires in the right proportion.
    Secondly, an occasional soft drink diet won't kill you, but daily intake habit is highly discouraged. It has empty calories and it's adverse effect ranges from increased chances of tooth decay to a higher risk of heart disease and metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes.