Coffee or Tea

Coffee and tea are one of the most common beverages in the world. Widely consumed by all and sundry in different forms. Enjoyed by some as a casual drink and by others as a form of detox.

Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted banana, I mean coffee beans🤭, the seeds of berries from certain Coffee species.

I pretty much never understood what my dad meant by, "coffee should only be taken by adults" .
Until I started taking it.
I literally spat it right out. I mean, seriously, how would I know that the much talked about coffee actually tasted so astringent.
Well, there's always a first-time.
Subsequently, I got so used to the taste and I started taking it frequently because of the immediate effect it had on me.
Coffee contains caffeine which stimulates your nervous system, keeping you alert and active.
It helps to improve energy levels, physical performance, contains essential nutrients like vitamin B2, B3 and B5 and may lower your risk of certain diseases.
Excessive consumption of coffee may lead to lead to dehydration, emotional anxiety and exhaustion. 
Coffee is certainly not for everyone and is strongly advised that children stay clear of it(my dad was  right after all). People who have trouble sleeping and pregnant women are also advised not to take coffee.

What I have known as tea while growing up is not what the rest of the world refer to as tea.
In all honesty, I don't know why it is called tea because I would rather call it sweet coloured water. 
Its ingredients consists of:
1tbsp of milk
1tbsp of cocoa powder(aka "Milo" in Nigeria😅)
Sugar to taste.
Everyone has gotten so used to calling the above tea and would readily describe it as tea when asked.

Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot water over cured or fresh leaves or small bags of leaves from the plant Camellia Sinensis.

Camellia Sinensis

Here in Nigeria, there are many tea brands but I'm more familiar with the brand "Lipton" because I grew up taking it.
It has a distinct taste I love and is really a good drink to start your day with.
One thing I have noticed and even subconsciously taken note of is that drinking water after a cup of tea leaves me with this nauseating feeling. I actually thought it was a personal reaction to tea until some acquaintance confirmed same notion.
Tea contains antioxidants and less caffeine than coffee, it also helps with weight loss.
Excessive consumption of tea may cause bloating and restlessness.

These two beverages works just fine with our buddy, our body(pun intended 😁) until they are abused.
I know you all have had experiences with coffee and tea, why not let me be part of those experiences by sharing them in the comment section below💖

Fun fact:
Baby elephants suck their trunk for comfort just as human babies suck their thumb.

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  1. Nice one dear.
    I've had a taste of coffee a few times and I have always spat it right out😅
    I take green tea very often tho and it usually leaves me feeling light and hungry after a while.

    1. I absolutely DON'T blame you for disliking coffee. Not many people can stand it's taste.
      At least your bad experience with coffee didn't cause you to turn into a supervillain whose goal is to erase it from the face of the planet!

  2. I LOVE coffee!
    I can take coffee all day long. Unfortunately, I'm not so patient with tea. No offense intended, but I think it's bland😖

    1. Thanks to the stimulations it gives your nervous system. Anyways please be nice, do not abuse it😉

  3. If coffee was a person, we would be married. I love tea too, only when I take it with milk/cream and sugar Different strokes for different folk.
    By the way, I love how you express yourself 😍

  4. I enjoy both. It depends on my cravings.