The food Chronicles: The vice of eating to stupor

No biggy. I am a foodie.

I literally plan to travel around the world just to taste different delicacies (it's already on my bucket list!). 

The Food Chronicles

However, I have come to notice that sometimes, I've found myself overeating because I really, really want to try everything! And, using myself as a reference point, I want to ask—and answer—the question:

How much is too much?

I can guess that at different moments in our lives, we have all overeaten and I can gladly blame it on the taste of the food or stress.

Whatever the case, everyone is guilty of this.

As I have mentioned earlier, in a previous _post_, I used to have a slimmer physique. I didn't like it, and I resolved in my head to add up no matter what.

So I thought that if I increased the amount of food I ate per meal, just maybe I would add up. After all, it happened in the movies I saw. So why would my case be different?

Well you can guess how it went—My stomach started to get bigger and added more flesh. And to make matters worse, I would usually have to lie down somewhere after each meal because I had begun to get this constant discomfort when I was done eating. 

I knew that I was obviously exceeding my limit, but then being the go-getter that I am, I continued irrespective.

As any professional would predict, I became lethargic.

I had to start sorting through solutions to undo my obvious doings. 

First, I cut out the excesses I added to my diet, that is the in-between snacks and the bingeing.

Soon enough, my body started adjusting to the new food programme and I got back to normal. 

This experience taught me one thing: overeating won't gain you anything but health issues.

I've learnt that the body has a way of adjusting the inflow and outflow of calories. When an already established eating pattern (especially one that is quite balanced for you) changes, the body wouldn't be able to adjust readily to the new pattern because it now has to deal with a larger portion of food. 

You've literally given your body more work to deal with using the same facilities (organs) it used when the workload was much smaller. The result? An oxidative stress on the body.

What I had experienced were the short term effects of overeating. Allow me to enlighten you on the long term effects:

The human body is super unique, it always tries to strike a balance in every area, especially when it comes to calories (The calorie is a unit of energy commonly used in nutrition).

When the inflow of calories is more than the outflow, there is a calorie surplus. 

Since the body is obviously confused, it takes the first thought of action which is turning the excess calories into fat.

Well... Obesity sets in. 

Personally, I feel that a lot of peeps underrate obesity. It's like a door way to different prolonged health issues, some of which include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and stroke.

Subsequently, you might experience a diminish in cognitive processes, starting with being dull and sluggish then progressing to mild memory loss.

Furthermore, overeating can aid gas retention and bloating. It's is especially evident in some foods.

If you have found yourself in this situation, well there's no need to be wavy about it. The purpose of this post is to create that awareness; in the next and final chronicle, I'll be talking about several ways of coping with overeating tendences and how to get back into our healthy selves.

I will be partnering with a couple of health and nutrition professionals to answer any questions sent directly to my mail( using the message box below). This way, i can guarantee that you get reliable personalised answers straight to your mail.


Fun Facts:

✿ Cherophobia is an irrational fear of fun or happiness.

✿ The following can be read forward and backwards: Do geese see God?

✿ Some insects and small birds see the world in slow motion.

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