Healthy snacks to try this year

Healthy snacks should not have to be long winded; a slice of fruit can be satisfying while still providing the nutrients required for a healthy lifestyle.

This year started with tings of optimism and of course vicious dust hovering the air. Ohhh incase you are wondering, over here in Nigeria, we're experiencing the harmattan weather which is slowly fading away, normally it is dry and cold; but this particular one came with the saharan kisses. If you're using a bike as a means of transportation, you might end up looking like Ed Sheeran😎 before reaching your destination.

It's interesting to note that I really didn't see so much new year resolutions insighting a brand new person with an overly priced ego, what I did notice was a continuous sharp pain on the apex of my left shoulder— I knew it🙄 someone had just cut me off. It's all good, I love you all the same🌝.

Anyways, what other best way to start the year than a good menu plan with healthy food or rather snack options. 

In this post I will be outlining healthy snacks that you can include in your menu plan for the day, week, month and certainly all year round. Trust me, I am definitely not planning to turn you into a herbivore by asking you to stick to green vegetables😜, there is a whole different world outside that.

I made the decision to put up this post after I experienced the taste of Grapes 🍇 encrusted in cold yogurt and chocolate. I knew undoubtedly that I had to write about this. 

So yeah, the first snack award goes to my taste bud stimulator above😌. I was introduced to it by a friend this year. This wonderful snack is made by encrusting the fruit into yogurt then chocolate subsequently. It is then frozen and kept to cool down so you don't experience the famous brain freeze that could sabbatically limit the use of your common sense🙃.

Moving forward, have you tried garden egg and peanut butter?

Unless of course you're allergic to peanut butter🚫 and your mouth will have a striking resemblance to that of one stung by a hundred bees afterwards, in which case, don't worry there are other options. Peanut butter is usually made from grinding dry roasted peanuts AKA groundnut, sweeteners and emulsifiers are usually added to balance the taste and texture. This blend, hmmmmm heavenly. It is so good, some cultures use it as a snack for guests on special occasions.

Third on my list is POPCORN;

Popcorn is a type of corn seed that pops when heated, becomes light, crispy and tasty.

Popcorn contains a high amount of fibre, low calorie count with equally low amount of energy density when prepared with natural ingredients such as olive oil and honey.

Coconut chips 🥥

This is done by grating coconut meat into desired size or shape and dried. It is stored and used as a snack, topping or mixed with cereal. A very big plus to this snack is that coconut aid digestive health , it's high in fiber, which helps bulk up your stool and supports bowel regularity, keeping your digestive system healthy.

And as a little some'in some'in for my beautiful ladies out there, a brilliant combo by our very own Champagne Papi might be just your type of snack; "hot pepper sauce and _that_ creamy protein"😉😉. I was so proud of him. 

If you have more snack options we can try, please do not fail to update us in the comment section below 🙏.

Fun facts:

✯ If you eat before bed, you don't sleep. You may pass out for 8 hours, but your body isn't sleeping since all your digestive organs are working at full power. When one has their last snack 4 to 5 hours before bed, they sleep better, have enhanced dreams and their cells undergo a more extensive repair cycle overnight.

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  1. I just love the way you add interesting facts and humour to your writing. It makes reading your work totally irresistible and makes it very interesting..

    I sha have to taste that grapefruit snack😍😍

    1. Thank you 🤗
      You definitely need to try it out dear.

  2. Nice one dear. This was a very informative and interesting read. Thanks

  3. You sure know how to get people glued.

    1. I plan on getting top bond, so everyone who comes by stay bonded😉. Thanks dear.

  4. Will definitely try this coconut chips snack 😁

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Mills🤗, you're always one of my motivators.

  6. Got me at Ed Shirin😂. Today's fun fact is very interesting. Turns out I haven't truly slept in months hehe

    1. You should try sleeping dear, your health shouldn't be compromised for nothing.

  7. Oh my God, Glorychy, you have ignited a lot of cravings right now 😩😩😩.
    This is an SOS to anyone who sees this, a girl is in need. The grapes in yoghurt and chocolate will do. T for Thanks 🤭.

    1. Please once you get this ready, just call my name and I'll definitely answer. Thank you 🤗