Everything you should know about Nutrition as a course

The study of nutrients in food, how the body uses them, and the relationship between diet, health, and disease is known as nutrition.

Honestly, I didn't really find Nutrition attractive when I first heard about it, I mean my first choice was of course Nursing; “everybody's first choice” trust me🤫. Prior to registering for Nutrition and Dietetics as the course I wanted to take, I had never heard anyone physically address a person as a nutritionist or a dietitian, though I had seen it online.

In most Nigerian homes when a child reaches that stage where he/she has to decide on what they want to do professionally🎓, the first decision of course should reflect ambition, seriousness and zeal. Once those choices do not revolve around the highly “speculated” professional courses, then I don't think you might be taken seriously. 
Thank heavens for the evolution of mindset, we're seeing diversity in the workforce whereby there are collaborations among various fields, and youngsters repping small career fields and making a meaning out of it.

Nutritionists study how nutrients affect the human body using concepts from biochemistry, biology and genetics.
In some Nigerian universities, the Nutrition department is under the health science faculty. Nonetheless, in the one and only University of Nigeria (UNN🦁) the Nutrition department is under the Agriculture faculty where we are closer to seeing the fresh foods as they're harvested 🙄. 

We study compulsorily biology, biochemistry, maths (yeah we do a fair amount of calculations), social and behavioural sciences (of course we give counselling as well), anatomy and physiology. So please next time I tell you that I am studying Nutrition and Dietetics and you tell me 
Oh those people that cook”, 
I might end up commoting ya teeth😏. Nah, that's not violence; it's emphasis Bruh❕ 
We do a whole lot in the society with little to no recognition at all, it's time to put some RESPECK on our names❕

Incase you are also wondering about areas where a Nutritionist can apply their services, don't worry I'm getting there(don't run faster than your shadow 🌚).  


• Public health/Community nutrition
• Clinical nutrition/dietetics
• Culinary nutrition
• Weight management 
• Nutrition media
• Nutrition marketing
• Specialised clinical nutrition
• Sports nutrition
• Education/Research/Academics
• Nutrition health Coach

Nutrition is a vast field that has a whole lot of unlocked potentials, I love to describe it as a neophilic lover who has a lot to discover in the course of time.
Dietitians on the other hand have taken a step further by being registered and practicing medical nutrition therapy.
Do not get it twisted, a Dietitian cannot reverse your bad health conditions with food as I have heard a lot of people say. What we do however is use food as a therapy and also counsel you on healthy choices unique and suitable for your lifestyle.

Learning does not have to be ambiguous and stressful, instead it should be infused with fun to keep the students interested.
Indeed, who would want to study a course you wouldn't love or practice? Nevertheless, welcome to Nigeria where we study not for passion but simply because we have to make money to survive.
No cap, it's super stressful.

Fun facts:
✧ Over the last decade, there have been at
least 15 cases of athletes who have died
from over-hydration during sporting events.
Too much fluid consumption can dilute the sodium in the blood, which creates a
swelling of the brain and lungs. Death by over-hydration is rare, but it happens.

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  1. Okay what?! Overdehydration kills?!

    I mean I'm safe but still!!
    I really like how fun your posts are. Thank you<3

  2. Kudos!! I enjoyed reading, very informative 😍

  3. Nutrition is survival, and survival is life. Humanity's existence is faulted with out proper balance in public health and wellness.
    Again, it was worth the read.

  4. Quite educative. You're wonderful and amazing