How to Reduce Inflammation With Food

In 2017, I was diagnosed with nasal polyp. How did I get it? Why did I get it? In short, what the hell is a polyp🤔?

Hehehe🫠, sit tight, you’re going to love this one.

Thinking back, it started with a bad cold. Like with most colds, mine had come with catarrh and a very blocked nose. I think I had looked into my nose with a torch light at some point, and that was when I discovered that the small mucus sac in my right nostril was inflamed. First, I was scared. Then, I was confused. I ran to google to check my symptoms, and went right back to being scared.

Let this be a friendly reminder that if you want to live long, take what you see on google with a truckload of salt. The results I saw on Google, my possible diagnoses, terrified me. Especially because some of the search results suggested the thing in my nostril could be cancerous. I shouted “Jesus, what a life.” Nasoo I go just take die, without inheritance🥺. Don’t mind me, I was just so devastated.

After some days, of course, I had prodded and touched and messed with it so much that it got worse. It had turned into a wound with liquid coming out of it. Actual liquid! My days, I could have died from fear if nothing else.

I took my problem to my dad, who immediately suggested that we go to the hospital and upon seeing my doctor, I got my diagnosis. My real diagnosis; and no, it wasn't cancer😌.

I won’t lie, I was a lot relieved. At least I wasn't gonna die young like agbalumo. However, my relief was short-lived and with it came a new fear—surgery. I don’t really hate needles, but you see the idea of a surgery? My brain just can’t comprehend it. I asked my doctor a lot of questions that day, and my fear intensified when he told me that even with the surgery, the polyp could still grow back.

Wahalurrrr, so you mean to tell me—I’ll go through the pain of surgery and still have to undergo another one if it grows back? When I’m not superwoman? I tried searching for my cape and when I couldn't find any, I told myself that there should be another way out. And viola, there was—food!

I know, I know! It gets better from here🤗.

In order to fully enjoy the rest of my ordeal and healing journey, get yourself a shot of ginger and tumeric drink and let’s enjoy the holistic healing of food—you can add a good jazz playlist for extra effects 😉.

What is a Nasal Polyp?

A nasal polyp is a small, soft growth in your nose that can make it hard to breathe through, and might cause you to have a runny or stuffy nose all the time.

That period, I had to breathe through my mouth. It was so discomforting because I wasn't used to it and I hadn’t really experienced anything like it before.

I think it's worth mentioning that nasal polyps can range widely in size from microscopic, almost perceptible growths to massive masses that impede nasal airflow. Nasal polyps themselves are benign, but even after they are surgically removed, they can return and cause symptoms such as nasal congestion, loss of smell, and pressure or discomfort in the face.

I can't say I am a dramatic person, but, let me tell you: I saw it all and I felt it all and I had a traumatic dance for about three(3) seconds. I was hoping for a transition video scene cos I didn’t–couldn’t–believe all this was happening to me. However, there’s always good news on the horizon if you look for it.

The Holistic Properties of food

The history of food as medicine is rich and diverse, dating back thousands of years across cultures worldwide. If I am to go with research work done over the last couple of centuries, we can see that ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Indians, recognised the therapeutic properties of certain foods and herbs early on, and they used it quite judiciously in their daily lives. Nevertheless, I love to bring it down home as that’s what I am conversant with.

The holistic properties of food encompass more than just its nutritional value; they extend to its impact on overall health and well-being. Holistic nutrition considers not only the vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients present in food but also its energetic qualities, how it interacts with the body's systems, and its potential to promote balance and harmony within the body.

I grew up drinking herbs as teas and chewing special spices before resorting to drugs and I also know that some people also follow these trends in their respective homes.

So, when I heard about the surgery and all the information that came with it, I initially asked if drugs could do the tricks and my doctor responded with—the drugs can dry up the liquid and prevent recurrent infection, however, there’s no certainty that the growth will be tackled with.

I resorted to my own research and I saw write-ups dedicated to using anti-inflammatory foods to heal polyps. I read through articles and blogs, and there was a huge emphasis on turmeric and milk, then ginger, leafy greens, dark chocolate and avocados.

I was practically buzzing with excitement considering my deep love for food and its incredible potential. With my mom's guidance and a bit of online research, I started my journey of making the potent turmeric elixir. The process was surprisingly simple—washing, peeling away the outer layer, and blending the vibrant roots into a concentrated concoction. And the best part? Mixing it with creamy milk for a nourishing shot that promises to invigorate both your body and soul.

I took these shots consistently and by the third(3) day I could see noticeable changes. My nose was back to normal and I could breathe comfortably from it. It was giving growth where?

Now, I’ll love to place a disclaimer; turmeric is a very potent root and not everyone can take it. If you have chronic diseases or very sensitive hormonal conditions please do not take this drink. It is important you do your research first, instead of diving blindly into an approach that may cost you more than you anticipated or leave you in a worse state.

As for me, it worked. I got better within a week and I am here to tell the story. Food has proven over the course of time to heal and cleanse our body, of course if you take it in the right way.

I am sure y'all have amazing stories about times you’ve used food as your herbal therapy. Don’t hold back, share your stories with us. You never know who you’re inspiring with it. Finally, remember to book a session with your DIETITIAN, she’s waiting patiently for your messages.

 Fun Facts:

☆ The vanilla flavoring in some foods comes from a secretion made by beavers.

☆ Red food dye is often made out of crushed beetles.

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  1. I had a fun read, 😂😂😂
    Google can exaggerate matters to the point where you wish you never searched at all.

    1. Exactly, you should have seen my reaction when I saw my supposed diagnosis on google. If I can recreate that scene, I'd be given an Oscar for it.
      Thanks for stopping by, it's always appreciated.

  2. Very educative. Really, food can be therapeutic, I can attest to that.

    1. Spot on, food is our natural medicine. Thank you.

  3. It was an interesting read.